Saturday, May 12, 2012

Masters: check!

You might be wondering why it's been so long since my last post and I have a number of reasons to give you! This list includes but is not limited to: preparing for the thesis exhibition (mounting, framing, bubble-wrapping, trucking), hanging the thesis exhibition (what a long day!), preparing for graduation (making SVA logo earrings for the ladies in the MFAI department, picking up my cap, gown, and hood, running around like a chicken without a head, etc.) actually graduating, and celebrating lavishly with my family afterwards. The ceremony was held at Radio City Music Hall this past Thursday, May 10th (this also happened to be the date of my parents 26th anniversary!) and everything went extremely well - my name was pronounced correctly and I did not fall or even wobble in my five inch wedges, it was everything I dreamed of and more.

With all of that said, I can officially announce that I have my Masters degree! It has been quite the journey, of course having its ups and downs, but I'm happy to say that there were far more ups than anything else. It's hard to believe the two years have come and gone already but the one thing I can hold onto for a bit longer is my studio on 21st street - until July, at least. Before I get too emotional, let's move on to the fun part: pictures!

These are the eight original paintings + book that I have in the exhibition.

SVA logo shrinky dinks before baking...

And the SVA logos after baking.. they came out too cute!
Much more perfect than I had anticipated

I personalized an earring card for everyone and they seemed to be a hit!

Inside Radio City on graduation morning, everything seemed to glow red...

while my parents and I were just glowing in general.

And just for fun, Matt happened to get a picture of Marshall and I hugging on the big screen, right after I was handed my diploma.. what a moment!